BlinkID 1.7.0 IOS

BlinkID 1.7.0 IOS

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BlinkID® uses a mobile camera to capture data from ID cards, passports, driver’s licenses, visas, work permits, and other identity documents in just a few seconds.

BlinkID supports all documents containing MRZ (Machine Readable Zone), which includes most ID cards and passports. Majority of EU country documents are supported, including France, Slovakia, and Czech Republic. Documents with the PDF417 barcode are also supported, including driver’s licenses in all states in the US, Canada, and certain countries in Latin America. For some countries and documents, complete scanning and OCR is available for both the front and back side of the document.

– Real-time data capture
– High accuracy in extracting all data
– 150+ countries supported
– Front and back side data capture and comparison
– Image extraction of ID photo or signature
– A new, fast and robust card detector

BlinkID is one of the products from Microblink Ltd., a research and development company with a mission to simplify data entry in mobile and web apps using camera input. Built on advanced AI methods, our proprietary computer vision (OCR) technology captures data from identity documents, receipts, top-ups, payment slips, boarding passes, and many other.

If you like BlinkID, try out the SDK for free to see how ID scanning would work in your app. More information is available in GitHub documentation and on our website:


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