Icon Project (Home Screen Icon) 1.31 IOS
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Icon Project (Home Screen Icon)


Giới thiệu Icon Project (Home Screen Icon)


★Personalize your Home screen.

You can create unlimited types of icons on both your Home screen and your Home screen folders.

Create an original stunning icon with your photos or built in icons, badges and frames. You can also decorate icon with colors and many text fonts.

The Home screen icon allows you to easily make a phone call, send a SMS/MMS and link to many other URLs (homepages, facebook, twitter, etc).

You can send your icon to friends. (The icon will be created on your friend’s Home screen.)

Make a multi-function icon that allows you to choose whether to make a call or send a message every time you touch it.

※ Main Features

■ Creating icon from your addressbook.

■ Sending a custom icon by mail. (Icon Project users can directly import your icon into their Home screen.)

■ Creating icon with photos in your album.

■ Using built-in icons, photo frames and badges.

■ Selecting background colors or drawing (multi-line) text on icons. (You can select font type, text color, text size and even text alignment.)

■ Creating icon with link types such as call, SMS/MMS, mail, facetime, skype or any types of URL that you want to use.

■ Creating multi function icon. (Person Info page, Call + SMS/MMS in one icon)

■ Loading recently created icon files.

※ (Privacy) Notice

■ Icon Project is safe to use because it does not transmit any personal information (phone number, mail address, etc) except icon image and title name. (It is an essential part to create a Home screen icon and images will be deleted periodically.)

■ JavaScript is required to run this application. System default setting is enabled but if the create screen does not appear, please check settings->Safari->JavaScript to make sure that JavaScript is enabled.

■ Icons created on your Home screen will become unusable if you uninstall this app.

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Phiên bản: 1.31
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Ngày cập nhật: 2011-05-06 00:46:50

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