Shortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail

Shortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail 1.03 IOS

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The new, smart way to use Uber, Rail, the Tube, and the Bus.

The first ever SatNav for Riders.

Shortcut knows where all Ubers, trains & buses are in London. Where there’s traffic & where there’s train delays. Not a plain journey planner or a car service, Shortcut is…
• a Realtime Fastest Route Finder: based on live tracking of all vehicles & prediction of upcoming real train times and roads’ speeds
• a City Navigation App For Riders: with instantaneous realtime detours in case of sudden unexpected train delays or road traffic
• a Concierge for Uber: tailored to make it easy to use Uber, especially before, between and after tube, train or bus rides
• a Budget Optimiser: for modern city travellers that want everyday use of Uber’s superb car-to-door service to be an afterthought

This is how you use Shortcut:
– One-time connecting of your Uber Account to your Shortcut Account at registration and then, at any time…
– Set your start and end location
– Choose from the fastest routes now
– Book or pre-book Uber on the Shortcut App
– Use Shortcut’s live navigation that detours around sudden delays and traffic, as needed

Why use Shortcut?
– The fastest route, guaranteed, all the way: fastest at the time of booking and re-routed if sudden traffic or delays build up due to disruptions or due to the start of a strike. We do not rely on public transport schedules / timetables or partial real-time data. We track all public transport and road traffic live in real time down to the second and tell you at all times how much faster your Shortcut is than a car-only or public transport -only ride
– Uber Surge? Not a problem, you should still use Uber. Every day. A few times a day. When you use Uber just for the parts of your journey that a fast train will not cover, you can use Uber a lot more
– Integrated use for Uber and Train / Tube / Bus / Walk: you do not need to open your Uber App and can communicate with your Uber driver, or track his trajectory, on Shortcut, allowing you to have a unified view for your Uber and public transport ride
– A concierge for Uber: For example, if you take an Uber after a tube ride and your tube is late, we know it and and we’ll book your Uber just in time for the driver to arrive not too early and not too late, to the entrance best suited to starting your onwards journey. You can also choose your preferred Uber option for every journey (UberPOOL to connect to public transport rides and save money ridesharing, UberX the fastest most affordable Uber, UberXL for travelling in a large group or with luggage / boxes or UberExec / UberBlack when you need a high end departure or arrival to your journey)
– Easy to use one-handed zoom-in and out User Interface ideal for those having a coffee on the way or squeezed in a train, with exact instructions including Uber pickup, walking, train or tube stations entrance and exit, and bus stop
– ETA sharing (via social, text or email) for friends or family to know when you arrive
– Choose your preferred Uber type (UberX, UberXL, UberExec or UberLux)
– Save your favourite places (Home, Work, etc.) for picking as start or end of your journey

We rebuild our Maps live in real-time every second with updated positions of trains and traffic. Our Maps engineer is probably the world’s best citymapper and by using Uber, the world’s best taxi service, he invented the solution for road traffic (that is Shortcut).

To provide the best and fastest routes, at rush-hour or in the middle of the night, Shortcut uses great feeds and data “as is” from Transport for London (TfL), Network Rail and National Rail (including Southern, Southeastern, Thameslink, First Capital Connect, Eurostar, Gatwick Express, Heathrow Express, Stansted Express, London Overground, South West Trains), Uber, Apple, Google, OpenStreetMap, Foursquare and Mapbox, amongst others, and is thankful to these excellent providers.

For more information visit or email for help.

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Shortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail 1.03 IOS

Shortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail 1.03 IOSShortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail 1.03 IOSShortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail 1.03 IOSShortcut for Uber, Tube & Rail 1.03 IOS

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