Giới thiệu: Widget Kit – Tools and Games for your Notification Center 1.1.1 IOS

Widget Kit – Tools and Games for your Notification Center

Widget Kit - Tools and Games for your Notification Center

Giới thiệu Widget Kit – Tools and Games for your Notification Center


Thank you all for your comments !

From IronFones2000 : ” Has by FAR the most and best options of Any other app of it’s kind(I’ve tried a few)! Thanks for making a good app!”

From SGAOniell : “This app contains all the information I could want in easy to edit and use formats. Excellent app and the in-app purchases are well worth it.”

From breton89 : “Very well done and executed app. Design is beautiful and useful with widgets well worth it. The widget box makes this one of a kind.”

Get 50 coins for your first installation. Unlock up to 7 widgets of your choice for free ! (you can also unlock widgets for free, and win coins into the app)
Tired to have 10 different applications, each for just an unique and specific use?
Group all of your tools into one application and get access to what you really need in one clic, without even unlocking your iPhone !

Widget Kit was designed to simplify your life. Discover 18 widgets, grouped in three main themes, all customizable in the application.


-Twitter :
Fallow, tweet, retweet and like directly from your notification center. The best Twitter widget on the store !

-News :
Keep your favorite news feed into the notification center. Read and click to expand and see the summary of a news. Save it to read it later !

***Tool Box***

-Widget Box :
Already have a long list of widgets in your control center ? Group all your widgets from Widget Kit application into one ! Don’t waste your time to scroll 😉

-Shortcut :
Send text messages, mails, give a call, open websites, register your favorite locations… all of this from your control center !

-Activity (only available for iPhone 5S and above) :
Keep an eye on your daily activity ! See how many steps or distance you have done and display your history by day, week, month or year ! This widget use data stored in your Health App.

-Position :
Find your actual address and share it directly by text message or mail. Also add a compass and a speed counter to your control center.

-Data Manager :
Track your data consumption and check if you are still under your data plan limit. Useful if you don’t want to see your data speed being reduced.

-Disk, Ram and Battery Manager :
Check your battery life, space disk, and the state of your virtual memory.

-Counters :
Add an unlimited number of counters !

-Calculator :
Add a sizable calculator to your control center with the possibility to copy paste your result.

***Manage Your Time***

-Calendar :
Manage your events directly from your control center. Swipe between weeks or months for a better view. Open Apple calendar by touching an event.

-Day Countdown :
Keep an eye on important dates and see how much time is left before them. Don’t forget your mum’s birthday anymore !

-World Clock :
Have a quick access to current local times in cities worldwide.

Want to keep track of your pasta cooking? Just add this widget, set up the needed cooking time, and that’s it !

Find an easy to use and accurate stopwatch with lap time.


-Sound box :
Play up to 50 funny sounds and get access to them without unlocking your phone.

-Dice :
Add up to 9 virtual dices to your control center.

-Memory :
Train your memory everywhere. Memorize and reproduce the colors displayed in the right order. Find it too easy ? Try the extreme mode !

-Tic Tac Toe :
Play this famous time-killing game with one of your friend. No more paper needed 😉

-Align 4 :
Challenge your friend and try to beat him to Align 4 !

Next version will add new widgets and languages 😉

Don’t hesitate to report any bugs directly from the application (or by email to [email protected]) before posting a comment. There is a man behind this app 😉


Hình ảnh Widget Kit – Tools and Games for your Notification Center



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