Giới thiệu: WordBoard – Shortcut Keyboard 2.8.2 IOS

WordBoard – Shortcut Keyboard

WordBoard - Shortcut Keyboard

Giới thiệu WordBoard – Shortcut Keyboard


Hate typing the same thing over and over, one key at a time? Personalize and pre-program your keyboard with WordBoard – your personal custom keyboard for phrases and responses.
Now you can control what the keys input and save time typing. Insert snippets, templates, phrases and more with a tap of the keyboard.

“Best New App” – Apple

“useful for those who run their businesses from their mobile phones” – TechCrunch.


One customer asked for your business address, you’ve send him the quick response you had already prepared. However, you had another customer that asked for payment methods, and you had to manually write an answer to that email.

The same day, your friend asked for your home address, and again you had to fully type the address.

Don’t waste time!

WordBoard helps you create different folders with categorized shortcuts and custom quick responses for every aspect of life. Meaning, with WordBoard you could’ve answered your customer and friend in 1-2 seconds.


Add a key to automatically type your email address, postal address, hashtag, quick response, an email template reply, ASCII art or anything else you can imagine. Our productive ninjas that use WordBoard for years have 20+ responses for all aspects of life. Don’t you want to be a productive ninja?


Keep using the standard keyboard for normal typing and swap quickly to WordBoard to insert saved phrases with one tap. Our custom keyboard autofiller loads fast saving you from frustration and increasing the average response time for both your business and private communication. Because every living being loves to receive an instant response to their message.

What customers are saying:

“This is such a practical keyboard for those that constantly use the same verbiage. It’s very similar to text replacement only the formatting remains the same vs. text replacement that bunches it all up into one paragraph.”

“We are a commercial painting company and are using WordBoard to pull in standard wording into generic bid forms. This allows us to have an estimator work entirely in the field from an iPad Pro, and be far more efficient than our previous method involving Tablet PCs.”

“*So convenient!! Amazing app* I’ve been going back and forth using my notes In order to keep up with clients ! So good for my business !!”

“*Best shortcut keyboard ever!* Finally a customizable CONTENT keyboard! If you are looking for a keyboard that tells the world who the real you is with a skin of your favorite football team mascot, this keyboard is not for you…but if you have phrases you use repetitively, this is your huckleberry.”

Save time, type smarter and faster with WordBoard. With WordBoard you never have to remember shortcuts again. WordBoard is a universal app, so works equally well on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Get up to 6 keys for free or upgrade to Pro to get unlimited keys, the ability to import your recent hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and import emails, phone numbers and addresses from your contacts.

To enable the keys you create in the app to be shared with the keyboard ‘allow full access’ needs to be enabled. We only use this to allow data to be shared between the app and the keyboard, we do not use other features ‘full access’ allows such as network access.

Download the ultimate quick response personal keyboard app now for free!


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Phiên bản: 2.8.2
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Ngày cập nhật: 2015-02-04 09:16:40

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