WordPad – shortcut keyboard 1.0 IOS

WordPad – shortcut keyboard 1.0 IOS

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Giới thiệu: WordPad – shortcut keyboard 1.0 IOS

WordPad – shortcut keyboard

WordPad - shortcut keyboard

Giới thiệu WordPad – shortcut keyboard


You don’t like to print the same thing over and over again, one key at a time? Then WordPad can help you with that. With this keyboard, you will be able to type permanent phrases in 1 click without wasting time on it.

Now you can control the phrases you use every day, typing them in one click and saving your time.

Insert snippets, templates, phrases and more with a single tap of your keyboard.


One customer has requested a business address from you and you have sent him a quick and prepared reply. However, you had another customer who asked for payment methods and you had to write a manual response to this letter.

On the same day, your friend asked for your home address and you had to enter it again.

Now you don’t have to waste any more time!

WordPad helps you create different folders with categorized quick access phrases and customizable quick answers for each situation in your life. That is, with WordPad you could answer a client and a friend in 1-2 seconds.


Add keys to automatically enter your email address, email address, hashtag, quick response, response to a message template, ASCII figure, or anything else you can imagine. Our users are productive entrepreneurs who have been using WordPad for many years and have more than 20 responses for all aspects of life. Don’t you want to be productive?

Save time, print faster and faster with WordPad. With WordPad, you’ll never have to memorize lengthy phrases again, just click once.

To allow keystrokes to be shared with the app from the keyboard, you need to enable the ‘allow full access’ feature. We use this only to allow data exchange between the application and the keyboard, we do not use other features such as “full access”, such as network access.

Download the completely free keyboard application with the phrases you have prepared right now!


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