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Custom Control Pad

Custom Control Pad

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** Awarded best Italian iPhone Utility APP 2013/2014 by

* WARNING*need to download a server application for your PC or Mac from

–Special Week end sale !–

The first and best touch keyboard from the future !

With Custom Control Pad you can turn your iPad or iPhone into a customizable keyboard / joystick / Trackpad to control you PC / Mac.

Set up and save many different “Layouts” of buttons , labels, Trackpad, virtual joysticks, sliders, and other gui elements, and assign to each a specific input to be reproduced on the PC or Mac you are working on. (example, a button on iPad could communicate to PC ”CTRL + ALT + S″ to execute the “Save as” function in applications).

CCP is able to reproduce keyboard, joystick and trackpad inputs on your PC or Mac (Midi and OSC coming soon).

Totally customize the graphics of your layouts, either by creating and sharing full skins, or by adding your camera roll images to your layouts.

CCP can also receive data from the PC, and thanks to CCP API you can customize your application or game (or mod it) so to display the data you want on your touch screen device ! (So that a game or application can customize and dynamically update content and controls displayed on your mobile device running CCP)

Main Features :

– Stop remembering hundreds of keyboard shortcuts for the various applications and games you use in your daily PC life.

– Control your PC / Mac wirelessly with your touch screen device.

– Turn your iPad or iPhone into a customizable keyboard / joystick or both together !

– Fully customizable virtual joysticks, set ranges, sensibility etc directly on CCP and see the effects immediately in your games.

– Create, edit and share infinite layouts to control your favorite applications and games *

– Add buttons, virtual joysticks, sliders, labels, and other graphic elements to your layouts

– Totally customize your layouts thanks to skin based editing.

Free Skin Creator application for PC/Mac.

– Six “default” high-res skins included.

– 2 finger swipe to switch to next layout in current folder. Create multiple layouts for the same game / application, and rapidly switch them according to your needs.

– Start using CCP immediately thanks to the growing collection of “default” layouts that ship with the application (over 40 available in version 1.0)

– Download layouts made by other users with a in-app server browser

– Tie a layout to a specific application or game, so that switching Application on your pc will also load the correct layout on your iOs device

– Import images from your camera roll and use them a layout elements.

– Connect multiple devices to a single PC/Mac, allowing you to use all the touch screen space you can gather.

-Extensive font support. Use fonts provided by the skin you are using or browse the whole system fonts library.

-Folder structure allows for easy organisation.

-Public API allows applications and games on PC/Mac to send data to CCP, mod creators and developers can connect to CCP and use it to display realtime data.

-Symbols support, no more going crazy on your PC to find how to write a certain symbol !

Applications supported by default layouts (available with app download, all other applications are supported but you might need to create or download a Layout for it) :
– Final Cut Pro
– Logic Pro
– Office suite
– Keynote (turn your iPhone into a Power Point / Keynote remote controller)
– Photoshop
– Illustrator
– Maya
– Lightwave
– xCode
– Visual studio
– Finale
– Unity 3d

And games :
– Kerbal Space Program (with a Mod for it you can read display KSP data on your iOs device)
– Arma 3
– Battlefield sieries
– Dota 2
– Eve Online
– F.I.F.A soccer game.
– Flight Simulator X
– X Plane 10
– Total War Rome 2
– Wargame Airland Battle
– X3
– many more

We have many other features coming with future updates, so give a look at our website to provide suggestions and feedback, all feedback is much appreciated.


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